Management of the Reserve

Established in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint is a commercial federal Crown Corporation backed by the Government of Canada. In anticipation of profit, the Mint produces circulation and numismatic coins for domestic and international markets. Through the Mint's technically advanced and respected refinery it is able to provide a range of services – from gold and silver refining to assaying and secure storage. In operation since 1911, the Mint's gold refinery is also among the largest in the industry. Find out more about the Mint’s precious metal expertise.


The issuance of Exchange Traded Receipts (ETR) is a natural expansion of the Mint's core business as a precious metals Custodian for several large financial institutions. It's a straight-forward initiative because every ETR is 100% backed by gold with no derivatives or other gold paper-based methods used to track the price of gold.

Globally Recognized

The Royal Canadian Mint began refining gold to 9999 fine purity in the mid-1960's. In 1982, its refinery became the world's first to produce 9999 bullion coins. The Mint produces Maple Leaf bullion coins, gold kilo bars and 400 oz London Good Delivery bars - all struck with their weight and purity. Every gold bar is struck with the Royal Canadian Mint hallmark, an internationally recognized guarantee of weight and purity.

The Mint is listed on the London Bullion Market Association’s Gold Good Delivery List since 1919 qualifying its bars for use by the New York (COMEX), London (LBMA – where the Mint holds associate membership), and Tokyo (TOCOM) exchanges.

The Royal Canadian Mint is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.