The Mint charges a Service Fee in respect of its management, storage and custodial services. The Service Fee is calculated and accrued daily at an annual rate of 0.35% of the Per ETR Entitlement to Gold on each day of all outstanding ETRs and paid monthly in arrears on the 15th day of each. Each month, the Mint withdraws an amount of gold bullion equal to the Service Fee. Accordingly, the amount of gold bullion underlying each ETR decreases over time as the Service Fee is accrued. The Service Fee may be varied by the Mint on 90 days' advance notice. There are also fees for the redemption of ETRs, for more information see Redemption of ETRs.


This website provides information relating to the Canadian Gold Reserves and the Receipts in accordance with exemptive relief granted pursuant to a Decision Document dated August 30, 2011 issued by the Ontario Securities Commission. Continuous disclosure relevant to the Canadian Gold Reserves Program and the Receipts is made available by the Mint on this website and additional information about the Mint may be accessed at The Mint also maintains a profile on SEDAR.

Please note that access to the order dated August 30, 2011, rendered by the Ontario Securities Commission, is provided as a courtesy only. Access to said order is available in English only, the Ontario Securities Commission not being subject to the Official Languages Act, R.S.C. 1985 (4th Supp.), c. 31.

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